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WFSX-1500 High-Temperature High Pressure Sand Wash Dyeing Machine

The machine is the desire bleaching and dyeing equipment with wide-range adaptability. It is applied for high-temperature or normal-temperature dyeing and finishing knitted fabrics of wool, polyester, acrylic fiber, cotton, artificial silk, etc(e.g.clothes, socks, towels, slip-coverfabric, tapes, etc).
  • WFSX-1500
WFSX Series High-temperature. High-pressure Dyeing Machines was newly developed by our company itself in 2006. With integration of bleaching, dyeing and washing into one and use of direct and indirect heating devices the machines can perform stable, safe and reliable operation. Its highly automatic control of programmable dyeing process from water in, startup heating-up, heat-retaining, heating-down, washing, water discharge, alarming, end of process, etc, and precise automatic reversing function ensure fabric in dyeing beck to be completely turned over. thereby obtaining a level dyeing effect. In addition it has the advantages of consemation of dye additives, water and energy as well as environmental protection.
WFSX-1000、WFSX-1200、WFSX-1500 (also tailored for special specification)
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