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Cheese Yarn Carrier

● Standard design for DF241series air cushion and fully filled types are provided. You will please specify the machine type, and number of yarn wind when placing your order. E.g.
● DF241C-1200×9 means type DF241C with internal vat diameter of φ1200mm and number of yarn wind of 9.
● Standard yarn column is of diameter of φ48mm; triangle column of, φ30mm is for six-wind package dyeing machine only as optional. Other specifications of yarn columns are available as per needs. Quantity of yarn package is based on standard package of φ165mm×165mm. Max load is calculated based on 1kg per package yarn.
● Creels can be tailor-made to match different sizes of yarn bobbins and outer diameters of spools.
In case of change of specifications, please consult our company.
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